Thursday, January 6, 2022

Keep In Touch

 I have finally figured out how to make sure that any readers that may wish to subscribe to my blog are now able to do so! Just look to your right and add your email and click subscribe. 

I really want to grow my followers so that I can add classes to show you how easy it is make your own cards. If you are seeing this, please forward it to as many of your friends that you think may be interested. As this blog grows in followers, I will add prizes to entice you to sign up for my classes. You can attend from the comfort of your own home as the classes will be held over the Zoom platform. Zoom is free to join and very simple to download onto your desktop, tablet or both. I will also be doing some live demonstrations, so like my page, Create Cards with Barb Kaszuba, to be notified when I go live!

I’m asking for your help to keep me accountable to you, my followers. I want to be better and share my love of cardmaking and crafting with you. Please subscribe.

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